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(Google) Very good advice from Fabien Pillet for a 3a insurance policy. Professional and very honest about the products recommended. Very satisfied with the customer relationship!

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We answer your questions

I already have a third pillar. Can I have more than one?

Yes, it is quite possible to have several 3rd pillars per person, however, it is not possible to contribute more than the tax deduction limit each year to your linked 3rd pillars (3A). However, there is no ceiling for the free 3rd pillar (3b).

How much can I put into my 3rd pillar (min., max.)?

There is no minimum, but insurance companies generally require a minimum premium of CHF 100 - so you can take out a third pillar of CHF 100 per year, provided you pay the premium in a lump sum each year. There is no maximum payment limit on the unrestricted third pillar (3b), whereas the linked third pillar (3a) is limited to the maximum amount of tax deductions allowed according to your situation (CHF 6,883 per year for an employee and CHF 34,416 per year for a self-employed person).

What is the 3rd Pillar A?

Pillar 3a is a private pension plan. It is open to all working people over the age of 18 whose income is subject to AHV. Thanks to your contributions, you save taxes every year. In this way, you build up capital for your retirement.

What is the 3rd Pillar B?

Like Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b is part of private pension provision. Unlike Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b is not tied to retirement, but can also be used for medium- to long-term savings goals. That's why it's also known as unrestricted retirement provision. Pillar 3b funds can be invested freely, for example through a professional asset management mandate. Given the medium- to long-term investment horizon, low investment costs are particularly important here too.

Can I name whomever I want as beneficiary?

Yes for the free third pillar (3B), but there are a few restrictions for the linked third pillar (3A). The priority beneficiaries are the spouse and descendants, and only then can you vary the beneficiary clause.

Can I change my 3rd pillar premium at a later date?

Yes, but there will be consequences for your 3rd pillar. If you lower your premiums, your guaranteed capital will also be reduced accordingly. So you need to think carefully about your payment capacity before taking out a 3rd pillar. If you increase your premiums, the insurance company may modify the technical rate of your contract (generally downwards). In this case, we recommend that you take out an additional third pillar, so as not to lose the advantages of an existing contract.

Why can the 3rd Pillar A be withdrawn early?

An early withdrawal from Pillar 3a is possible for the following exceptions:

- To finance owner-occupied residential property or to pay off a mortgage
- In the event of a purchase from another tax-exempt pension scheme or another recognized form of pension provision
- In the event of the start of self-employment
- In the event of definitive departure from Switzerland
- In the event of disability or death.

What happens to my 3rd pillar (A) in the event of my death?

In the event of death, Pillar 3a capital is paid out in accordance with the order of beneficiaries laid down by law (art. 2 BVV3). The policyholder may designate one or more beneficiaries from among the persons listed in letter b, figure 2, and specify their entitlement (with order and share). To do so, please contact our customer service department.

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