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Frequent questions

Yes, it is quite possible to have several 3rdpillars per person, however, it is not possible to pay more than the maximum tax deduction each year on your 3rdpillars. related (3A). However, there is no ceiling for the free third pillar (3b).

Yes for the free third pillar (3B), but there are some restrictions for the tied third pillar (3A). Beneficiaries are first and foremost the spouse and descendants, only then can you vary the beneficiary clause.

There is no minimum, however, insurance companies generally require a minimum premium of CHF 100.00 per year, so you can make a third pillar of CHF 100.00 per year. year provided that the premium is paid in one lump sum annually. There is no maximum payment limit on the free third pillar (3b), on the other hand the third pillar (3a) is limited to the maximum amount. tax deductions allowed according to your situation (CHF 6'826.- per year for an employee and CHF 34'128.- per year for a self-employed person)

OYes, but there will be consequences for your 3rd pillar. If you lower your premiums, the guaranteed capital will also be reduced accordingly. You should therefore think carefully about your ability before making a 3rd pillar. If you increase your premiums, the insurance company may change the technical rate of your policy (usually downwards). You are therefore recommended in this case to take out an additional third pillar in order not to lose the advantages linked to the seniority of an existing contract.

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